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What are the benefits of membership?

With the membership, you have access to the community areas of MakerSpace and our online community. Community areas are for example the kitchens and the MakerGarden. After taking the relevant course, you can access the workshops and use a machine. You can get moderate advice from the crew. Your access card is included in the membership. If you lose your access card, a replacement card costs 20€.

When can I start and how do I pay?

You can start at any time. In the first month, only the remaining days until the end of the month will be charged. From the next month on, we will charge your membership at the beginning of the month. You can increase your membership monthly (e.g., Maker to MakerPlus), reduce it (MakerPlus -> Maker), or cancel it. Please contact our front desk team.

Which machines can I use and how often?

Depending on your membership, you have access to the primary workshops (3D printing, laser cutting, textile, electronics) or to all of the Workshops (MakerPlus, 10er). The use of our machines is included in your membership. The total amount of booking time per machine and day is limited. You can find the overview here

Are courses included in the membership?

You need the corresponding training for the respective machine to reserve a machine. Training is not included in the membership and can be booked by you according to your needs and our availability. 

How do I cancel a reserved machine?

On the one hand, we want you to be flexible, and on the other hand, we want to find a good balance so that the machines are also available to other members. You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 2 hours before the start. Plan well in advance or cancel early, then it works.

At what times can I access the workshops?

Access to MakerSpace is restricted to members within our opening hours. We reserve the right to use MakerSpace for events during our opening hours. The MakerSpace closes for two weeks each year to take an operational vacation.

Do I get access to both locations?

Yes, with all our memberships you get access to our locations in Garching and Munich Urban Colab. 

What other services do you offer?

To reserve a machine, you need to have completed the relevant course. Courses are not included in your membership. Before starting your membership, we recommend you attend a course.  Then you will be able to work on your favorite machine, the day your membership starts. In addition, we offer material, storage, and project areas that can be booked through the front desk.

I work at a company, what type of membership do you offer?

If you are using our machines for your commercial projects and to sell products, we will be happy to advise you about a company membership.

How can I cancel my contract?

We never want you to leave. But if you want to leave, there are no long notice periods. You can easily cancel your membership in your account after the first entire month and at any time at the end of the month.

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