The prerequisites

1. valid matriculation certificate

2. pupils starting from grade 9

3. good project idea and strong motivation to make something of your own

We love to support projects that avoid consumption (repair & upcycling), make our world safer (fewer accidents), or more efficient (reduce waste). Or improve human life, e.g., mobility, health, livable cities, etc.

Your benefits

• 6 months Membership L
• 2 Courses A/B
• Fun Welcome Day
• Full Access to Machine Park
• Community Events


• Optional Renewal
1-year Membership L
incl. 1 Course A/B
for 120 €

3 easy steps to get your [x] Scholarship



1. Apply via the form

2. Winner🎉? You’ve got mail

3. Join the Welcome Event

If you need further advice, please contact us directly by email:

Let’s connect!

The MUNICH MAKER MEETUP is a community for makers, Tüftlers, hackers, artists + aspiring entrepreneurs.

We’re bringing together anyone interested in the world of developing physical products, from camper build-outs to IoT to brewing equipment.

The [x] Scholarship is powered by

We thank the Zeidler Research Foundation, which has been supporting TU Munich, UnternehmerTUM, and MakerSpace in the field of STEM education and innovation for many years.

The spectrum here ranges from awarding selected [x] MakerSpace Scholarships and supporting the TUM Ideation awards to promoting THINK.MAKE.START.