MakerSpace [x] Scholarship

Through the [x] MakerSpace scholarship, we give selected students access to our high-tech workshops in Munich and Garching.

You are part of a creative community of fellow students, start-up founders, artists, and experienced company employees as a scholarship holder.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you can choose suitable courses and learn new skills as a scholarship holder. You get three months of access to the MakerSpace and two machine courses.

The [x] MakerSpace scholarship is your chance to turn your ideas into actual products and become an entrepreneur.

🤷‍♂️ Who can apply?
  1. University Students; Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  2. Pupils from grade 9 from schools in Munich

🐱‍💻 Our requirements

The [x] MakerSpace Scholarship selects applications with a strong passion for making their own thing.

You would like to implement concrete projects in the MakerSpace, further your education through training, and be an active part of our community.

✨ Your benefits

The program is open all year round

Scholarship holders will receive free access to the MakerSpace for three months and two category A/B courses.

How to apply?  

Simply complete the sign-up form and join our community at Munich Urban Colab or Garching.
The deadline for applications is everyday 🧨

🤷‍♂️ Who can apply?
  1. Startup Teams: submit your application HERE.
  2. Corporate Teams: get in touch with

🐱‍💻 Prerequisites

  • Each team needs to have an
    initial prototype or PoC.
  • Teams should be able to invest
    min. 16 hours weekly.
📆 Duration
  • 6 weeks, part-time
  • In-person in Munich 

💶 Costs

Startups: free of cost

Corporates: get in touch with

The eBootcamp helps startups, corporate innovators and student teams to more quickly and
cost-effectively develop high-quality prototypes in the fields of IoT, Connected Devices,
Robotics & Automation. The eBootcamp
combines three crucial aspects: 

  • Process knowledge and subject matter expertise
  • Project-based coaching
  • High-quality infrastructure 



  • In-person, team-based electronic product development sprint. 
  • 6 weeks, part-time.
  • 10-16 hours of training per week, including 1-1 and team coaching sessions.
  • 6 hours of product and technical support from application engineers & subject-matter experts.
  • Individual, focused development time. 
  • Access to MakerSpace’s electronic labs & technical Expertise
  • Combines established companies and startups in one format.


  • Upto 5 Corporate and 5 Startup Teams participate in the E-Bootcamp. (Startup teams
    should have already raised pre-seed funding or a prototyping grant) 
  • Each team brings their initial prototype or MVP. 
  • The goal is for each team to achieve two product iterations and present them at the Demo Day.