Success stories are the elixir of life!
Our Success Story from the MakerSpace is that of ANGSA.

Who does not know it, you want to go picnicking with family or friends, see in the distance a beautiful green meadow and when you reach and cross the meadow stings the many small scattered garbage such as cigarette butts, beer coasters or even food scraps in the eye. To get rid of these, it takes quite a few cleaners. Or you have an Angsa robot.

The team at Angsa has set itself the goal of eliminating precisely this problem and has begun developing their Angsa robot in 2021. The concept consists of a robot that recognizes garbage with the help of AI and picks it up next to stones and leaves, and software that makes it possible to select individual areas and also supports AI in finding the best path.
The Angsa robot has a capacity of 30 liters and reaches a runtime of 8 hours. This makes it perfect for cleaning large landscapes.
In the last few years, the development has progressed enormously and the team has also grown. With the help of our MakerSpace, the team has been able to quickly fabricate and customize key components.

Currently the team is looking for more Man+Women-POWER. Maybe your chance to join a great team. Click here to get to the job board.


We are very happy to have such a goal-oriented team with us and wish them continued success.