Sustainability and autonomous driving! For years now, there has hardly been a more dominant topic in the automotive industry. And what about the boat industry? Large combustion engines continue to be installed here because there is simply no sensible alternative.
Or is there?
Oceanflight is working on increasing the efficiency of boats of all kinds by up to 80% using hydrofoil technology.

How does it work?

Hydrofoils are wings that are mounted under the boat’s hull. When sailing, they generate lift and the boat lifts completely out of the water.
The fact that flying over the water is significantly more comfortable than conventional boating is just one of the many side effects. However, a hydrofoil boat requires complex and reliable flight control. And this is exactly where Oceanflight comes into play. With their many years of experience in the aviation and drone sector, they make hydrofoil boats safe and stable.
This technology unlocks the opportunity of boating without wasting the most precious resource of the next decades by pushing water aside.


What does the team need for their next step?

„First and foremost, we are desperately looking for new team members in the field of electrical engineering and software development. This can be anything from a thesis to a full-time position. The main thing is that people are motivated and enjoy the subject. Years of professional experience are not a prerequisite, as we are a very experienced team and can support and train career starters with our know-how.“

Do you find the topic just right for you (Hiring Page), or do you see another way to support them? Get in touch with the team here:

Finally, we asked the team what motivated them to use the MakerSpace?

„In the start-up world, fast iterations are particularly important. True to the motto „Fail fast, itterate fast„, if you have a hardware-heavy topic, long delivery times for CNC milling cutters, for example, are a knockout criterion. And this is exactly where the Makerspace with its extensive machine park offers a decisive advantage. This enables us to go from an idea to a solid prototype in just a few days.“


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