Waterjet Cutting for Beginners [ENGLISH]

G-CNC-001E | SGK [C]

From 0 to 4000 bar!

The waterjet cutter is an extremely versatile and user-friendly machine which allows you to cut complex two-dimensional shapes in a variety of materials as well as composite materials.

With a 0.9 millimeter-wide jet of water and extremely high accuracy, you will be able to cut soft materials like rubber, plastics, foam, and wood, as well as hard materials like metals (aluminium, steel, stainless steel), stone, and glass without danger of burning the material. The MakerSpace waterjet (Flow Waterjet Mach2 2031b) cuts with a pressure of 4000 bar using a mixture of water and abrasive sand. The maximum work area is 2 x 3,1 meters. The maximum workpiece thickness depends on the material, but ranges from 0.8 to 150 millimeters.

Successful completion of this access-course is a prerequisite for using the waterjet at MakerSpace!



3 hours

Minimum Age

  • 16 years
  • For participants between 16 and 18 years of age, written consent from a parent or guardian is required.


Fluency in English 

Safety Requirements

Closed shoes must be worn in the workshop at all times. In case of non-compliance, you will be denied entry to MakerSpace.

Notes on Booking

  • Information is subject to change without notice.

  • MakerSpace reserves the right to cancel the course if there is an insufficient number of participants.

  • Please maintain up-to-date contact information, so that MakerSpace can contact you in case of changes.

Costs (per person)

  • For members: 125 €

  • For non-members: 140 €

Tip: This course is also available as a voucher (Category C)!


Have a project in mind but short on time? The MakerSpace Services team gives you the option to have your project cut by a member of staff. 

Just contact us: services@maker-space.de